The first steps to business success

From 15.08.20 to 16.08.20 in Malaga (Spain), took place the kick-off meeting of 2 years project strategic partnership in the field of innovation KA 205 entitled ‘’First Steps Into BusinessSuccess’’ financed by Erasmus+ founds.The major aim of the project is to equip young people in entrepreneurial skills- the knowledge connected with setting up their own companies, eco-innovations in business and the idea of Fair Trade through the undertaking by them e-learning course and attending the training the field of eco-innovations in the business lead by professional trainers during the blended mobility of young people.

In the meeting took part in the representatives of the coordinating organization from Poland (Warszawska Izba Gospodarcza) as well as partner organizations from Spain, Asociación EuropeYou (hosting organization), Bulgaria, Alternativi International. Due to the current situation connected with COVID 19 pandemic and imposed restrictions representatives of the organization from Estonia INVOLVED took place in the meeting via online tool- Teams.

During the two-days meeting, project partners discussed to the greatest extend the project objectives and project schedule, together with the project coordinator discussed the obligations of each partner. They systematized the communication and dissemination plan via the project, establish deadlines till next project meetings, and the deadlines of the production of intellectual outputs (e-learning platform with e-learning course, consisting of 4-e-learning modules and cycle of 4 videos ‘’I will be an entrepreneur’’).