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Currently, the world is facing extremely important challenges related to environmental protection, such as:

  1. climate change,
  2. depletion of natural resources,
  3. loss of biodiversity.

Therefore, new economic and social models as well as technologies are needed that will deliver clear and significant benefits to the environment. Europe needs to achieve better results with less resources and maximize efficiency at all stages of production.

The development and promotion of new solutions is necessary to realize the potential for economic benefits through cost savings, innovation and international trade.

Environmentally friendly solutions will attract new types of high-tech manufacturing and service activities, as well as increase Europe's competitiveness and create highly skilled jobs.

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Sustainable development means building a sustainable and competitive economy that efficiently uses resources, using for this purpose, inter alia, environmentally friendly technologies. Investments in innovation, which enable more efficient use of resources, benefit both traditional sectors of the economy, but also service-based economies where high qualifications are valued. The implementation of modern environmental technologies is becoming an important challenge for modern economies. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures aimed at the rational use of resources, including through eco-innovation.

Eco-innovation can make it easier for European entrepreneurs, both those who are just starting their business and the more experienced ones, to develop sustainable solutions that make better use of valuable resources and reduce the negative impact of the economy on the environment. Therefore, eco-innovation is a helpful tool with which we can manage resources more efficiently and contribute to green economic growth.

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