On special designed e-learning platform youth will learn about entrepreneurship, economics and market economy issues with particular emphasis on eco-innovation in business and the idea of Fair Trade.

During the course on the e-learning platform, participants will learn how to set up and run their own business.

E-learning platform will consist of 4 e-learning modules:

Module 1 Eco-innovations in business. This module will include and be prepared by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce -Poland:

* types of innovations:

  • product innovations-creating totaly new products/services that have new features or can be provided in new ways, or implementation of remarkable changes in the already existing products/services;
  • process/technological innovations-that introduces important changes in production methods (technologies of appliances or software) and delivering of products;
  • marketing innovations- changes of packaging, introducing new trademark, promotion and distribution products/services and the way of prices shaping;
  • organizational innovations- connected with the change of organization of workingplace, principles of activities, or relations of given company with environment

Youth will choose one of the provided types of innovation that the best responds to their interests and needs.

Module 2 Business plan of eco-innovative enterprise (the content of the module will be prepared by EuropeYou-Spain)

In this module young people will step by step get to know how to create good business plan of the innovative eco-enterprise. What is more, this module will include mock models connected with preparation of youth to start their own businesses.

Module 3 Ways of financing of eco-innovative enterprises (the content of the module will be prepared by Involved-Estonia)

In this module youth will get familiar with the possibilities/sources of financing eco-innovative enterprises. Moreover, this module will include descriptions of programmes and tools that enable reciving the funding to set up and run enterprises for example ”Horizon 2020” and ”Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs”.

Module 4 Principles of Fair Trade (the content of the module will be prepared by Alternativi International- Bulgaria)

In this module young people will get to know the mechanisms of functioning of Fair Trade, will get familiar with safe and based on respect trading practices, will increase their knowledge and awareness about Fairtrade products both as a consumers and potential, future entrepreneurs.

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